Issue 92 The Kimberley Gold Standard




It’s the size of a large European country, but with a culture that stretches back thousands of years earlier …

It’s another world; foreign and alien to all bar the locals, but once you get in sync with the place, with it’s unstoppable swamping tides, pre-dawn star show and dancing sun at dusk, it’s a place where it feels like your heartbeat has finally found its correct pace.

The goal of our annual Gold Standard is to nudge your reed boat out into the middle of the stream, where the Kimberley’s natural grandeur can pick you up and do all the rest, taking you downstream on a wild adventure ride that will change your life.

When it comes to touring up here, the biggest issue (that even frequent Kimberley pilgrims face) is how best to use your time and money. That’s why we give you the inside track on which tours and adventures, campsites, stations, and pubs are absolutely essential.

Think of this magazine as the ultimate offroad companion for your next trip to the northwest. And if you have no intention on hitting the Kimberley, you will once you sink your teeth into this edition.


  • The finer points of spearfishing
  • Dash Cam buyers guide
  • Building the ultimate 200 Series offroader

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