4WD Touring Australia Series 5: BEYOND

Chasing waves.
Chasing the sun.
Living the dream.

Series 5 teaser from 4WD Touring Australia on Vimeo.

Series 5 of 4WD Touring Australia follows Carlisle Rogers around the country as he makes his own pilgrimage to some of the country’s mythical surf spots, places you need a 4WD and some local knowledge to find.
Along the way, he teams up with some of the best surfers in the world, Australia’s true folk heroes, to explore the secrets of Australia’s coastlines, to go beyond the tracks, beyond the campfires, beyond the 4WD.

  • Angourie
  • Coffs Harbour hinterland
  • Vic Surf Coast
  • Great Otway NP 
  • Balfour Track, Tas
  • Tassie’s east coast
  • Coffin Bay NP
  • Sheringa, SA
  • WA’s wild southwest    
  • Camp of the Moon 
  • Gnaraloo
  • Dirk Hartog Island

“I wanted to travel beyond the 4WD tracks, beyond the fractal edge of the coastline.
The lines on my map were waves - the destinations defined by the wind.”
- Carlisle Rogers

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