January 05, 2017


A decent podcast is like manna from heaven when you’re trying to painlessly kill those dull hours driving on the highway.
There are some cracking podcast series doing the rounds out there right now on topics as diverse as comedy, music, art, history, true crime and travel.
Got an interest and no doubt there’s a podcast on it. One of our favourites at the moment is a series know as the The Overlanding Podcast, produced and presented by creators Andy Smith and Emma Smart.
This series is focused on travel and the spirit of adventure, and features interviews with intrepid trailblazers who’ve chosen to travel the world by 4WD, camper, car or bicycle.
Hosts Andy and Emma have together clocked over 130,000km in their old Toyota Hilux Surf and have taken her on a world tour of 51 countries. (No, that’s not a misprint.)
When it comes to inspirational inflight entertainment, this podcast fits the bill.
January 05, 2017


Your favourite 4WD aftermarket accessory and camping equipment juggernaut really hit the afterburners last year.
In 2016, ARB  expanded their operation to a total of 56 distribution centres servicing the nation’s 4WDing needs with the newest outlets popping up at Echuca, Wagga Wagga and Jindalee.
ARB boss Matt Frost has seen the ARB store network more than quadruple in his 23 years with the company, which he believes is a reflection of Australia’s enduring love affair with offroad culture.
“Whilst ARB’s network continues to grow, we’re more focused on the quality of our stores than the quantity.
“All our latest sites have extensive showrooms that really showcase ARB’s ever increasing range, most of which is manufactured and/or designed in house.”
January 05, 2017


Always at the cutting edge of global positioning satellite tech, our buddies at Hema Maps have broken new ground with the introduction of their state of the art HX-1 Navigator.
This pioneering unit offers users instant navigation support on and offroad anywhere around the country.
Utilising Hema’s award-winning offroad map system, featuring updated info on over 45,000 camping and touring points of interest and offering WiFi connected updates, this is the first offroad GPS unit to offer a truly connected exploration experience.
Users can comfortably and safely navigate the most far-flung corners of the continent, all the while mapping and recording their journeys. You can even sync and share your experiences on the Hema Cloud and download other users’ tracks to view offline.
January 05, 2017

The Best Just got Better


Exciting times as 4WD Touring Australia witness the unveiling of a new era in 4WDing.
After more than 30 years as Toyota’s toughest export, and over 100,000km of locally conducted ‘torture testing’, the re-engineered single cab chassis 79 Series ute is set to achieve the maximum five star ANCAP safety rating, while the entire 70 Series receives an impressive array of updates.
The 76 Series wagon, 78 Series Troopcarrier and 79 Series single and dual cab utes are all due to receive updated safety electronics, cruise control and engine updates to bring them in line with Euro-5 standards.
The workhorse 4.5L turbo diesel V8 is upgraded to offer enhanced responsiveness, improved fuel economy and lower emissions. The mighty 1VD-FTV powerplant delivers 151kW of power at 3400rpm and offers a strong and remarkably flat peak torque curve, generating 430Nm from 1200–3200rpm. A diesel particulate filter is now standard fare across the range as a part of the move towards Euro-5 compliance.
Commercially orientated WorkMate variants gain new, wider single-piece rims and tubeless tyres, auto locking hubs, cruise control and electronic safety updates.
All models benefit from the addition of active traction, flow down tech from the 200 Series which improves offroad traction and onroad handling.
Single cab variants are available with the Toyota Genuine Industry Accessories range which includes an ultra heavy duty steel tray, storage box, window and tail light protectors.

Head to the Toyota Australia website for further details.

December 07, 2016



We’ve been working closely with GME since the magazine started five years ago, and in our personal and professional lives long before that. All of us on staff here have been using their gear simply because we reckon it’s the toughest and most reliable comms gear available.
That said, we’re entering a whole new era now, and while philistines bag anything to do with technology, they’re missing out on some serious innovations. Case in point being when the advancements are as groundbreaking as GME’s XRSTM.
The unveiling of the XRSTM Connect was under wraps for a while, like Ben Lexcen’s keel, and for good reason, this is an item that will revolutionise day-to-day life for the intrepid outback navigator.
Essentially, it’s an evolution in UHF CB communications and is the first connected radio of its kind.
Each radio incorporates Bluetooth Smart® low energy technology to enable connectivity to most iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, opening up all sorts of new  features and functionality.
When we spoke to an excited Warwick Clancy at Standard Communications, he explained the nuts and bolts: “XRSTM Connect is a quantum leap in CB Radio communications, a platform developed by GME’s in-house engineering team. Its arrival heralds a new era in CB radio and smart device interconnectivity, and as a leading Australian technology company, we are proud to bring this innovation to market.”
One of the many unique aspects to the development of these radios is the introduction of the new XRSTM Connect App, downloadable for free via the App Store, Google Play or direct from the GME website for Windows PC in January 2017.
The intuitive user-interface of the XRSTM Connect App combines easy to navigate menus and icons using the familiar technology of a smart device to control all of the features and settings of the radio.
This app also enables you to create and share personalised scan lists from a library of over 20,000 pre-loaded Australian frequencies, categorised into groups such as ‘Fire’, ‘Volunteer Rescue’ and ‘Police’.
This allows you to monitor any registered frequency within range of your UHF radio. The GPS location service in your phone can also be used to help identify local frequencies; this is particularly useful when you’re on the go or in an unfamiliar region.
This new generation of radios also sees the introduction of the unique XRSTM high speed scanning software algorithm, that delivers a scan speed over twice as fast as any other CB radio.

Available Models (Pricing TBC)
XRS-330C - 80 Channel Super Compact Hideaway
UHF CB Radio XRS-370C - 80 Channel Compact Hideaway UHF CB Radio
Check more information at www.gme.net.au

December 07, 2016


The Klymit Static V is an extremely compact and lightweight sleeping pad that packs down to a miniscule size and weighs virtually nothing. It’s also surprisingly comfortable to sleep on.
This tiny unit rolls up tight to the size of a water bottle and weighs just half a kilo. That means it’s nothing at all to stuff this badboy in your backpack and take it with you wherever you go.
Unroll it and inflate with around 10-15 deep breaths, and you’re good to go in about 30 seconds flat.
It also pairs excellently with the Blackwolf Roebuck Lite swag described above, and utilising this pair in sync will have you sleeping like a baby and laughing at all the extra cargo space you’ve freed up in the back of your rig.
December 07, 2016


It’s not rocket surgery when it comes to improving the humble swag but few have done it as well as Blackwolf and their Roebuck Lite.
This is a serious swag designed to drastically cut back on size and weight.
Not only does this come in handy when throwing it in the back of the fourby, it’s also a godsend because it doesn’t take up half the available storage space in your garage.
The Roebuck Lite weighs in at under 5kg, and it’s already a pretty popular unit with hikers and motorcycle campers.
It’s designed like a normal swag, with folding poles to keep the canvas up and away from your body, but the removal of the standard foam mattress allows the overall size of the packed swag to be reduced by an astonishing 70%.
This clears the way for you to use whatever sort of lightweight air mattress or sleeping pad you fancy, and it significantly cuts back on the clutter in your rig while making way for more important cargo (like extra beer).
The Roebuck Lite might not fit the traditionalist’s idea of exactly what a swag should be, but in our minds it’s a pretty innovative alternative and a great way to save valuable cargo space.
December 07, 2016

icemule coolers for the win

While nothing beats the high octane chilling power of a vehicle-mounted 12V fridge matched with a sturdy icebox for extra food and drinks on longer trips, it’s just not possible to lug these cumbersome coolers about when it’s time to get out of the 4WD and proceed on foot.
Enter IceMule Coolers. These compact and highly portable soft coolers are ideal for fishing trips, bushwalks and daytrips in the fourby, and are perfectly capable of keeping ice frozen for an impressive 24 hours without leaking, or allowing food to spoil or drinks to warm up.
When not in use, these tidy little units roll up extra small and come with a mesh stuff sack to keep them out of the way, and they even float.
IceMule coolers come in a range of models – the smaller IceMule Classic, in sizes from 10L to 20L, and the larger IceMule Pro in 20L, 30L and 40L sizes.
There’s even a fishing specific model on offer called the IceMule Pro Catch, which is designed to take out on the water and keep your catch perfectly fresh, even in the heat of summer.
Prices start at $79.95 for the entry model IceMule Classic and top out at $219.95 for the largest model IceMule Pro Catch.
December 07, 2016

optus satsleeve


While smartphones are ubiquitous these days, and pretty handy when it comes to calling in the cavalry when you break down on the highway, they’re not gonna save your arse when you’re stranded way out in the middle of Timbuktoo, miles from the nearest telephone tower.
… Well, not unless you’ve converted your smartphone with this futuristic bit of kit from Optus.
Yep, the Optus SatSleeve is the quickest and easiest way to transform your phone or tablet into a remote satellite unit.
If you’re out on the tracks without regular 3G/4G coverage, the SatSleeve will keep you connected with 100% coverage anywhere in the country, so long as you’ve got line of sight to the satellite!
The SatSleeve connects to your phone through a WiFi connection, and you’ll then have access to phone calls, text messaging, email and other applications through the SatSleeve app you install on your phone’s desktop.
It’s sure to be a big hit with most of our readers, and it’s within the financial grasp of all of us because all of this peace of mind is offered with a $15 monthly plan.
To check out the SatSleeve’s full specs, head on over to

December 07, 2016

the swing case has arrived

With the rise in 4WDers choosing the ute option and converting dead space into useful space, there is one perennial problem that still plagues us with its awkward shape – the dreaded wheel well.
Whether it’s for sleeping arrangements or storage, for years we have tried to make sense of storing around the wheel protrusions in the tray.
Enter The Swing Case, a mighty clever solution for such a waste of space. It will slot into the back of your 4WD tub and hold 35L of usable storage and up to 40kgs of weight.
Just pull the latch and the swing box truck toolboxes pivot nearly 180º over your lowered tailgate, giving you instant access. Then, the case swings back and locks securely in place.
They are fully lockable from the top and also lockable with a padlock on the hinges so that no light fingered ‘tea leaves’ can remove them from your tub.
Should you need to remove them, they simply just slide off the hinges and can be stored at home until the next time you need them back in your rig.
These lifesavers come with a rugged design and a full DIY fitment and they can be purchased, with all the advice you need from