March 06, 2017


The winner of our 50th Issue Milestone Pack prize giveaway, Phil Williams of NSW, is pictured here at his local ARB dealership reaping the rewards of our biggest subscriptions giveaway for 2016.
Sure, each month we put together a prize package of top quality gear supplied only by the most bluechip manufacturers in the industry, but our Milestone Pack was a particularly-special prize bonanza and Phil walked away with the lot!
The loot Phil took home included a set of MAXTRAX and a Crashpad swag, an Engel 40L fridge freezer, Hema HN7 Navigator GPS unit as well as a package of fantastic gear from ARB including an E-Z tyre deflator, Essentials recovery kit, two rechargeable LED Adventure Lights, a Stormproof bag…
(Hang on, have to take a breather before getting back into the list) Plus…a set of LED Intensity lights, a family size first aid kit and two Air Locker camping chairs, as well as a 4WD Touring Australia package including The Philosophy of Travel book, DVD set series 1-4 plus a cap, stubby cooler and a 12-month subscription to the mag.
March 06, 2017

Proud’s Pictures

Dan Proud’s electric imagery has been lighting up the pages of 4WD Touring Australia for years now.
His knack for capturing iconic Australian touring destinations from unique angles has been a big part of our mag’s vision since he joined us in 2014.
Dan’s work speaks for itself, no superlatives are necessary – his passion for the Australian outback has earned him a dedicated following at home and abroad.
If you’ve enjoyed the glimpses of Dan’s work we’ve shared in our pages, then check out his full online gallery, get a
wall-hanger, and prepare to be blown away every time you walk into your living room and are immediately transported to paradise.
March 06, 2017


In a big win for the Japanese automaker, the Toyota HiLux went down in history as Australia’s best selling car for 2016, marking the first time a ute has held the distinction.
The strong sales year for the HiLux has helped propel Toyota past the competition as the best selling auto brand in Australia for the 14th consecutive year.
The HiLux has set the benchmark for offroad utes in the 45 years it’s been sold on our shores, and Australian buyers have once again voted with their wallets.
According to Toyota honcho Tony Cramb, “The HiLux is a worthy victor as it continues to represent impressive capability and value for money, just as it’s done for decades in Australia and around the world.”
Check out our HiLux test drive article on page 74 of last month’s issue for our editor’s take on the new ‘Lux after a couple of days of hard driving on Moreton Island.
February 10, 2017

Sean Scott – he might make you quit your job

You wouldn’t know it if you met him, but despite his humble and affable persona, 4WD Touring Australia correspondent Sean Scott happens to be a bona fide world famous photographer.
For decades, he’s set a high watermark for landscape adventure photography and his Gold Coast-based gallery sees demand from all over the world for the simple reason that few  can capture the light of the Australian outback in the same way as he does.
It’s an organic process, he lives to shoot, to travel, and to unravel the beauty of the land, and his gallery becomes more and more successful, allowing more and more time on the road shooting.
His subjects in the magazine of late have included Denmark, and Lucky Bay in WA, and this issue’s Territory roadtrip, each of them displaying an artist’s mastery of terrestrial and marine landscapes, wildlife and family escape.
Sean was the logical inclusion to join our photographic stable here at the magazine as well, joining the likes of Carlisle Rogers, James Carey and Dan Proud in giving our readers the sort of inspirational imagery to drop everything and hit the road immediately.
However, this magazine takes no responsibility if (after viewing Sean’s photos) you quit your job and chase the outback sun, consequences be damned, becoming a stockman or a roustabout, maybe a shearer or a pearl diver or something.
Head online to Sean’s website to check out his full gallery and do what people from Germany to Gambia are doing, order a print for your wall and stare at it longingly.
Be warned though, it’s like looking into Medusa’s eyes, if you look too long you’ll be hypnotised and turned into stone, never being able to live a mundane existence ever again. Good one, Sean.
February 10, 2017

Review: Shimano stradic C14+

We recently had the chance to have a play with the revamped Shimano Stradic and geez fishing tackle technology has improved out of sight in recent times.
It doesn’t seem that long ago we were fumbling with clunky centrepin reels and floppy fiberglass rods. The new and improved Stradic is one of Shimano’s mid-range threadline reel offerings, but it certainly performs like a top shelf unit.
The test reel we had a play with was the 4000XG model which weighs in at just 230g and is lightweight and smooth enough to be cast all day.
The 4000 size fits over 200m of 20lb braid comfortably on its spool and features a 6.2:1 gear ratio, which spools in an impressive 99cm of line per crank of the handle. This fast paced retrieve is perfect for retrieving small metal slices at high speed for a range of mid-sized pelagic species like bonito, Australian salmon, tailor, frigate and spotty mackerel.
This little ripper would marry perfectly to a crisp casting rod for use twitching soft plastics for jewfish in the estuaries and snapper out on the reefs.
It’s a cracking all rounder that would serve the casual to keen fisherman well in a variety of angling scenarios and no doubt offer many years of service. It’s amazing how much reel you can get for a couple of hundred bucks these days.
February 10, 2017

Isuzu cement their place

After decades of innovation on an international scale, it seems fitting that Isuzu will next year celebrate the ten-year milestone since their entry to the Australian 4WD scene.
Since the D-MAX ute was first offered for sale on Australian shores in 2008, the sturdy offroad pickup has amassed a discerning following, leading to an onslaught of new variants offered for sale and ultimately the introduction of the equally successful SUV model M-UX wagon.
While some people might have thought the Aussie 4WD market too hard to penetrate after decades of domination by the big three manufacturers, Isuzu have proven that a quality product marketed well and introduced at a competitive price point trumps outdated notions of brand loyalty every time.
As sales continue to climb year-on-year for both the D-MAX and M-UX, Isuzu will be celebrating by offering three years of scheduled servicing for free on all 4WD models. For more info check out -
February 10, 2017

Your Trip Right

Brett and Jess Toll have been contributors to 4WD Touring Australia for some time now, and also run the website which is entirely dedicated to offroad touring.
Brett and Jess have lived and traversed throughout some of Australia’s most scenic and iconic places, documenting their travels in stunning detail. is home to a bank of exploratory
travel features and photography as well as a comprehensive
archive of 4WDing and adventure-focused videos.
Based in the Red Centre of Australia, Brett and Jess are the real deal, a couple of dedicated adventurers who are committed to a life less ordinary and sharing their A1 photography, tips, and footage along the way.
They’ve also recently made waves with their definitive print and ebook guide to Australia’s Great Central Road.
In 2017, they’re even running a tagalong tour program, so make sure to check their site for more information because few people know the highways and byways of the centre of the country better than these two.
February 10, 2017


The South Australian technology powerhouse have again given the Australian auto tech industry a shakeup with the launch of their next generation Smart Start 25A BCDC in-vehicle battery charger.
The new unit features Green Power Priority, which means it will charge from solar and alternator simultaneously, while giving priority to solar if available.
Additionally, this charger has a lithium battery charging profile built in, which means that users who want to upgrade to lithium batteries down the track won’t need to upgrade their charger again.
The freshly unveiled battery chargers are designed, built and tested here in Australia at REDARC’s South Oz headquarters and are designed to perform at their best across all Australian conditions.
The unit is due to reset the industry standard for DC to DC battery chargers, and is currently the most advanced product on the market. The one unit can now be used with both standard and smart alternators and will work with both 12V and 24V systems.
REDARC boss Anthony Kittel explains it best – “Charging auxiliary batteries from either solar or a vehicle alternator has never been easier.
“The 25 Amp BCDC now has separate vehicle DC and solar inputs, simplifying installation, while inbuilt green power priority prioritizes solar charging.”
Keep an eye out for our long-term review of the new BCDC charger over the next few issues.
Head online to REDARC’s site for further product details and to check out their full range.
February 10, 2017

The Science of Puncture Resistance

The importance of a quality set of rubber boots for your rig simply cannot be overstated.
Whether you’re into hardcore rock crawling, beach driving or highway cruising, a proper set of all terrain tyres are the single connection between your vehicle and the ground, and the one part of your rig in which you must have ultimate faith.
I know for a fact that I just can’t enjoy myself offroad unless I’ve got 100% faith in the set of rubber I’m rocking. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails quicker than the bullet-to-the-heart of a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere.
So, it really does make a lot of sense to do your research before shelling out the coin for a new set of tyres, which don’t come cheap if you’re looking for quality.
Enter Bridgestone’s all terrain Dueler, they’re a household name for the simple reason that they’ve been technically designed to be as puncture proof as possible.
Punctures are the bane of any 4WDer’s existence. Not only are they a huge hassle, they can be costly and downright dangerous.
The Duelers are built with heavy steel belts at their core that give obvious strength and a surprising degree of elasticity.
They’re designed with a more uniform tread pattern in constant contact with the terrain, which significantly reduces the risk of penetration by sharp objects.
Duelers are also characterised by ultra strong reinforced sidewalls that efficiently distribute stress and resist abrasion and puncture.
The wider tread blocks on the all terrains are built for superior cut and chip resistance, and all round wear life.
And the entire light truck construction of the tyre, with thicker sidewall and casing components and full width nylon ply, means  you’re in the safest hands whenever the going gets tough out on the tracks.

January 05, 2017


Rhino Rack’s Foxwing awning has flat out got to be one of the most usefully designed new camping products on the market today.
This unit was developed with supreme efficiency and simplicity as its top orders of business. The Foxwing can be set up and packed down by a single person in just a couple of minutes while offering instant shade and protection from the elements.
The awning spans a massive 10 square metres of coverage and there are even additional awning extensions available if you plan on holding some sort of music festival anytime soon.
The Foxwing is built from ultra tough rip-stop canvas that is UV resistant, fully waterproof and even treated with a mould-resistant shield.
The beams and case are contructed from the sturdiest of  anodised aluminium and the whole product is clearly built to last a lifetime.
Head online to the Rhino Rack website for further details and to check out their full range.