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August 01, 2016

Five of the best 4WD fun parks in the land.

When you’re leaning on your shovel at the worksite or gazing out your office window fantasising about living out of the back of your fourby for weeks on end, where do you dream of?
For me, it’s usually the New South Wales far north coast. Warm water, endless beach runs and epic fishing. Plus it’s totally comfortable and acceptable to dress in nothing more than board shorts, wife beater and a pair of doable pluggers for most of the year.
I know plenty of others are fixated on the lush plains and swollen rivers of Cape York, while countless hearts belong to the outback. The problem with all of these stunning places is just how far they’re removed from most of our day-to-day realities.
The fact that we can’t just down tools and head to these places for a daytrip is how they manage to remain pristine and pure. But it’s little solace when we manage to score an RDO or half a weekend to ourselves and need to scratch the itch to get the wheels dirty.
In these situations, I really don’t think you can go past a visit to a good 4WD park. There are some absolutely first class offroad fun parks located around the country, and most of them within easy range of capital cities and major population centres.




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